Meraki Go Portals

A beautiful and easy-to-use solution that lets you create the perfect Splash page for Meraki Go access points.
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Made for MerakiGo

Meraki Go’s cloud-based WiFi solution is specially designed keeping the challenges of hustling small business owners in mind–ramping business productivity and customer engagement with limited time, resources, and expertise.

Meraki Go wireless networks offer the ability to prompt users that are connecting to pass through a Landing Page. This is a way to provide a customised prompt that users will need to pass through to access the network.

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Enjoy the app on all devices.

Your WiFi in your hands

The cloud-based Meraki Go App controls every aspect of your network. Once you plug in your Meraki Go Access Points, hop in the app for a quick, guided setup. Then your network will be up and running in minutes. Customise your fully responsive and mobile friendly SplashAccess landing page and start providing wifi to your guests.

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Everything you need in an app.

The Meraki Go app allows you to set up and manage your Meraki Go WiFi system (sold separately). This app is for Meraki Go Indoor and Outdoor Access Points and will not be compatible with any Meraki MR products.

Meraki Go is WiFi built for businesses. With Meraki Go, you can easily add multiple WiFi networks so that staff, guests, and point-of-sale devices can share a single internet connection. Alongside SplashGo you can offer guests quick and easy access onto the network via social media login, static ads, Auto Login and more.

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